Benvenuti In A.S.D. Scherma Bresso

An intense three days of competitions in Bergamo, at the Palasport of Ciserano, for the Absolute Qualifying Test of Male Epée and female foil and the second day of the 1st Regional Test. GPG.

We start from the Women’s Foil Absolutes, unfortunately our #Bressogirls Giulia Evangelisti and Carlotta Lauri do not qualify for the direct, closing the race respectively in 28th and 38th place.

In the numerous men’s sword race, for 31 places up for the national stage, 181 athletes gave rise to a fierce qualifying test, with 23 gialloblu athletes, which led to the podium Filippo Massone, third place, and Fabio Barbara, sixth place, qualified together with Francesco Rossi, 20th place, Lupo Sala, 23rd and Giorgio Forti, 27th. To them is added Lorenzo Volpi, already qualified, for a total of 6 #Bressoboys who enter the National Absolute Championship, scheduled for the end of May in Cassino. Complete classification: Giovanni Volpini (33rd), Mattia Loiacono (34th), Federico Picchi (47th), Leonardo Lenelli (64th), Filippo Gasparotti (67th), Matteo Scazzosi (75th), Marco Vendramini (77th), Mattia Cremonesi (84th), Riccardo Gianoli (89th), Niccolò Strusani (92nd), Gabriele Tafuri (114th), Marco Cavaliere (123rd), Edoardo Scavone (124th), Claudio Cremonesi (133rd), Edoardo Bozzo (135th), Lorenzo Fumagalli (140th), Matteo Voto (144th) and Matteo Lombardi (146th).

Many podiums and medals have also come from the 1st Regional Test GPG, second weekend.

Let’s start with the foil and our newcomers. In the category Maschietti Ascanio Morgese is 11th, Federico Nitri 15th and Leonardo Bergamini 20th; among the Girls Chiara Bugoni climbs the second step of the podium. Gabriele Villa wins in the category Boys/Students, Flavio Perego and Alessandro Tentori are at the foot of the podium in fifth and sixth position and Federico Arioli is 23rd. In the category Girls/Students Sveva Accorrà is third and Valentina Izzo seventh.

About epée, at their first engagement in a GPG, in the category Boys Jan Chendi is bronze and Leonardo Bonifacio is 8th while Francesco La Forza does not enter the eight but stops in 9th place, after a fratricidal clash with Jan. Among the Boys/Students no podium unfortunately: Cristian Divittini is 11th, Federico Casella 12th and Ludovico Dutto 17th, one step from the final to eight, Mattia Iodice, 31st.

A weekend full of podiums, medals and qualifications. Congratulations to all #Bressoboys and #Bressogirls and a big round of applause and thanks go to the great technical staff for the results and for the work done in these months of pandemic.