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The foil is a defined “point” weapon, meaning that in order to score, only the tip of the weapon may be used.

The youngest begin fencing with this weapon, considered the best to learn the fundamental actions.

The valid target includes the trunk of the body, covered by a metallic conductive jacket (a lamé), and the bottom part of the mask bib.

In case of simultaneous touch for both the opponents, the referee applies the “right of way”: a series of rules originating from the logic of a duel, according to which the point goes to whomever attacks first, whomever parries and ripostes, or whomever keeps the weapon “pointed in line” (extended arm and weapon point threatening the opponent’s valid target) before the beginning of the opponent’s attack.


The more mature and meditated weapon, the one that more than the others maintained some characteristics of the ground duel.

The weapon can touch only with the point, all over the opponent’s body. The “right-of-way” doesn’t apply: the score goes to whoever touches first. In case of simultaneous touch, possible only within 40-50 milliseconds, the score goes to both the opponents.


The sabre is one of the two “right-of-way” weapons, quicker and more dynamic.

It is permitted to score with all the blade, therefore with the point and with the edge (“cut”), and the target is wider, including all the upper half body parts.


A bout lasts 3 minutes in the initial stages of competition, where bouts are organized in a round-robin format, lasting 9 minutes (3 periods of 3 minutes) in the following stage of direct eliminations.

The pools bouts end when one fencer scores 5 hits, and in case of an equal score at the end of the time limit the fencers fence for a deciding hit, with a maximum time limit of one minute. Before the fencing recommences, the Referee draws lots to decide who will be the winner if scores are still equal at the end of the extra minute.

Direct elimination bouts are for 15 hits or end when the three periods of three minutes, with a one-minute rest between each period, have passed. (10 for kids and veterans).



Luca Bellezze
Luca Bellezze
Master and Coaches Director
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Filippo Massone
National Instructor
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Ruggero Porcelluzzi
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