Benvenuti In A.S.D. Scherma Bresso
16 qualified athletes at the National Under 17 Test

The first weekend of competitions for the Under 17 category was held in the Palazzetto di Gerenzano (Varese): between sword and foil were qualified for the National Test Cadets 11 athletes epée and 2 foil, in addition to athletes of national interest Arianna Scollo, Lorenzo Volpi and Giovanni Volpini.

An important result for the Fencing Bresso: 16 athletes will participate in the national stages cadets and cadets.

In the male epée Lorenzo Fumagalli conquers the 6th place, accessing the eight after the fratricidal assault with Riccardo Gianoli, 14th, which stops at the gates of the eighths with Lupo Sala and Edoardo Scavone, respectively 9th and 11th; Matteo Lombardi is 16th, Mattia Cremonesi 18th, Giorgio Forti 20th, Edoardo Bozzo 30th, Gabriele Tafuri 37th and Leonardo Lenelli 52nd. Lorenzo Fumagalli, Lupo Sala, Edoardo Scavone, Riccardo Gianoli, Matteo Lombardi, Mattia Cremonesi, Giorgio Forti and Edoardo Bozzo qualify for the national stage. In the female epée Noemi Guastella is the best among the Bresso Girls with her 9th place, Gaia Di Benedetto is 12th, Giorgia De Gaetano 17th, Elisa Chinnici 21st, Benedetta Fischetti 22nd, Melissa Bozzella 26th, Gaia Zanardo 41st, Odelia Petersen-Mahrt 44th and Alice De Riz 47th. Noemi Guastella, Gaia Di Benedetto and Giorgia De Gaetano are qualified for the National Stage.

In the male foil qualifying for Mirko Colombo, who closes in 11th place, and Akash Nitti 17th; Simone Pezzuto is 33rd and Luca Lattuada 39th. In the female foil Carlotta Lauri closes in 11th place and Giulia Evangelisti in 13th, unfortunately without reaching qualification.

Congratulations to all our athletes and technical staff for the choral result achieved. Next stage: Youth regional test, next weekend always in Gerenzano.